What if...

A CALM & CENTERED PRESENCE was only a few minutes a day away?

What if 

you had the guess work taken out of  HOW 

to start a meditation practice?

What if 

You had a simple, easy to follow, 7-day series that guides you into a practice of re-connecting and re-centering your energy in 10-15 minutes per day?

Well, now ya do.  


Thanks for caring about how you feel and committing to practices that help keep your nervous system steady. It makes a difference.

Art: Catrin Welz-Stein

Have you ever said:

"I hear meditation is great, but...

"I'm too busy to do it”

“I’m not someone who meditates”

“I don’t know where to begin”

“My mind is too busy”

“I can’t meditate”

“I don’t understand what meditation even is”

“My yoga teacher is always talking about chakras and energy, and I want to learn more”

Wouldn’t it be nice to feel more centered, grounded, in flow and connected more often because you had the tools to help you cultivate that state more readily?

Welcome to Meditation Magic!

Sitting with yourself for a few minutes per day, (along with my guidance in your ears) is a fantastic way to balance your energy and recalibrate your relationship to yourself and world around you.

No one but you can do this for you, though I am happy I can help make it more simple by providing you the audio meditations along with some helpful workbooks to go along with each one.

Simply set the 10-15 minutes in your calendar to make doing nothing your top priority. Stay committed to a few moments a day, over time. This is when the magic starts to happen. You feel more calm stuck in traffic, your tendency to snap at your loved ones diminishes, you find yourself breathing more freely in times when you need to check in with your own wisdom.

(If you think you don't have time - then set aside twice the amount of time)

You can explore the practice more deeply by using the companion workbooks containing journal prompts, affirmations and aromatherapy anchors for each meditation.  

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About Emily

Emily is a gifted and compassionate coach steeped in knowledge of the healing arts and sciences. A professional Geographer turned healing artist she weaves a unique blend of intuition and logic into her work as a yoga teacher, bodyworker, coach, essential oils specialist and business mentor. She excels at seeing patterns and making connections between seemingly unrelated elements. With a unique set of tools, processes and understanding of the mind/body/spirit connection she will help you break through your limiting beliefs and into your potential as the true artist of your life and work.  

When you make time for yourself, you will have more energy and time will feel bigger.

Imagine feeling more:





What if you knew that was something you could generate in yourself SIMPLY by taking just a few moments each day to check-in!?

(((Would you do it?)))