Authentic Power Is...

Soul + Personality Alignment

Balanced Energy


Caring About How Your Feel

Kindness + Compassion

Owning Your Gifts

Sharing them Confidently

Staying Open for Heart Connection and Healing to Occur

Trusting your Intuition and Connection to Source

I hope you enjoy these 4 short videos and find some useful considerations to carry into your days. Thanks for being here.

With joy,


The 4 C's for Cultivating Authentic Power

Emily is a Mind, Body & Energy Coach with a rare depth of knowledge in a variety of healing modalities layered on top of a strong foundation of studying the Earth's people, processes and patterns for many years.

She knows how to connect dots and how to get you from point A to point B with the most efficient tools. She built complex mapping systems for 13 years after all. Those skills transcend into coaching, yoga, bodywork and business.

She learned firsthand that being in business for yourself can be hard, but it doesn't have to be. She has made PLENTY of "mistakes" so you don't have to.

She knows how to help you simplify your rhythm and flow and loves developing human potential and progress. Through her work as a doTERRA Wellness Advocate along with countless hours studying, practicing and teaching yoga and doing massage, she has developed rock solid belief and trust in herself and will help you do the same for yourself. When you work with her expect aligned and intelligent mind body spirit practices, emotional intelligence coaching, business strategies, sales/money mindset teachings as applicable to support you in reaching your goals.

Emily believes that anything you want to achieve or receive is already yours and will help you realize that truth through your own energetic and emotional mastery.