Let me guess...

Your brain never stops... and

oh hey - what's that... squirrel?

Do you frequently feel overwhelmed with never enough hours in the day?

Do you want more focus, energy, clarity, creativity so you make decisions that are more supporting & nourishing to your mind, body and soul...

Instead of decisions that drain your precious energy?

Do you want to naturally manage stress and regulate your emotions more effectively so you can give the gift of your calm to those around you. (CALM IS CONTAGIOUS TOO.)


Here's the


We are living in a time when our nervous systems are overstimulated & dysregulated.

Our attention is scattered and our ability to focus suffers dramatically.

Neuroplasticity highlights that our brain is constantly being shaped throughout our lives by both our experiences & our thoughts.

When we get caught in cycles of worry or irritability we strengthen these neural connections in the brain.

The more we worry or stay stuck in our irritability, the better we become at worrying and being irritable!

We were never taught what it means to be an emotional & energetic being and HOW to manage our inner language, attention and beliefs to reinforce healthy patterns.

You get so busy with keeping up with all of the things that the first thing out the door is the nurturance of your mind/body connection.

So you stay stuck in perpetual stress loops which disconnect you from YOUR deeper wisdom.

You tried to meditate before, but never established habits that stick- because you discover that you can’t keep your mind still for more than a few seconds.

You feel you aren't doing it right.

So you gave up and said





Sound familiar?

I've been there!

Ps. If you think you don't have time - you should actually be practicing for twice as long. Meditation will actually GIVE YOU BACK TIME. It is the most magical thing I've ever experienced, and by the end of this program you will understand why.

Hey! I'm Emily...

When I was 20 years old my dad died of brain cancer at the age of 47.

He would often say, when asked what he wanted for his birthday, "peace of mind" as if it was something "out there" that I could just pick up at the mall.

I spent a lot of time looking outside of myself for that peace.

The night before his emergency brain surgery we had a talk that changed me forever.

As I sat rocking in the chair on my Aunt's porch crying (who ironically was just diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer this summer) my dad looked at me and said "You're afraid I'm going to die tomorrow, aren't you."

I was.

And we got to have a real talk in case he didn't survive his surgery. That blessing was never lost on me. I know so many don't have that chance.

He lived for a year and a half, but was not really the same after having a chunk of his frontal lobe removed.

My dad and I were really tight, and it was not an easy time in my life.

I proceeded to stuff my grief away and focus on school, and a whole lot of partying. All of which would catch up with me...

Years later I found myself overwhelmed in a job I didn't love, a marriage to a wonderful man who I was fortunate to spend 12 years of my life with. The problem was I lost connection with my true self and my body started to erupt.

The problem was - I didn't love myself and I was making poor decisions and I knew I needed make some changes.

I stepped into a hot yoga room in 2010, and that's when everything started turning around for me and my fascination with the mind body connection began.

In 2012 I quit grad school and enrolled in my first yoga teacher training and started a meditation practice.

This cultivation of mindfulness that resulted through my practice and diligent study changed EVERYTHING for me.

I reached a point where I had to go it alone to sort through my inner workings to heal.

Back then I didn't have the tools to communicate what was happening inside of me, because I was so cut off from myself, so I cut and run from my marriage. (classic abandonment wound manifestation). After taking a course called Tending the Ancestral Wounds in 2021 a whole new understanding of healing opened up for me.

Divorce has taken me years to process. It has taken me deeper into my self and my wounds than I knew was possible.

All has been grist for the mill.

I finally arrived back at the KNOWING that peace of mind isn't anywhere out there, but is within us.

It is a deep calling in me to help you remember this too.

I want to collapse time for you, so it doesn't take you 10 years of study and process and internal struggle like it took me.


I weave a unique web of experience together in my work.

I spent over a decade as map making geographer, so I am a bridge builder. I see patterns and interconnectedness naturally.

I understand working with complex systems and multiple layers of datasets.

And I've spent over a decade working in the healing arts (working with humans, who, like a map, are also complex systems comprised of multiple layers. (READ MORE ABOUT THAT HERE)

Through my work in massage therapy, yoga, meditation, coaching and daily practice + business with doterra essential oils I have developed a sixth sense for understanding human energetics and emotional patterns.

I share a simple and diverse set of tools and teachings for guiding you into next level mastery of your own life, so you can truly live in a way that feels light, free and meaningful while you are here. 

Peaceful, intentional and self-respecting becomes the baseline state of your being.

Creating this container feels so natural and timely and I'm so excited to support your journey back home to your calm and centered Self.


Eight Weeks to a Better Brain!

This is a nurturing small group container to support your transformation to a better brain and balanced heart as you progressively approach mindfulness meditation as a process of expansion and growth.

This program combines:

  • Short mindfulness practices and coaching live on Zoom (recordings will be sent)
  • Education (self-paced)
  • Community (FB Group)
  • Accountability to help you build cumulative foundational habits and shifts in perception that you will carry for the betterment of your brain and being.

Mindfulness practices are found to be more effective when you do them daily for a short practice, vs. trying to do them in large chunks.

So our live practices will be short and build up, and that's where the magic happens - small seemingly insignificant things you do everyday are how you shift the needle on the record of your life.

Your Eight Week Milestones

In our eight weeks together we will journey through eight comprehensive milestones where we will develop and cultivate the eight attitudes of mindfulness. 

We will meet for super short practices along w/ a one hour weekly call for Q&A and to receive the teaching for theme of the week. You will have access to video education and audio feed and community with the group.

WEEK 1: Beginner’s Mind:  

In week one we lay the foundation. This is where we unpack the concept of Beginner’s Mind, or Shoshin. Seeing everything as new and interesting. As if through the eyes of a child trying something new for the first time. With a beginner’s mind you will be more open to possibilities, feel more creative, and more level headed. 

“In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities. In the expert's mind there are few.”

WEEK 2: Non-judgment:

Ever notice how with every experience you have there is an automatic judgment that arises with it? 

You will be surprised to learn how much bandwidth that requires. Here we learn how to observe the mind and practice doing less. Mind’s judge, that’s what they do, however practicing a new way of relating to your judgments as they arise will free up precious energy in your mental and physical body. 

WEEK 3: Acknowledgment

One of the best ways for peering into the inner workings of the human mind is to observe it and allow what is to be there (remember the non-judgment part?). When an anxious thought comes to mind, for example, we learn to acknowledge and recognize it for what it is – a thought, nothing more and nothing less. Mindfulness is not about stopping our thoughts, but is more about witnessing to gain insight on how our thoughts, language, attention & beliefs affect our mind and body. Here we’ll dive into the nature of thoughts and equip you with processes and tools that you can use throughout your life to recognize what is arising without attaching unnecessary suffering or drama to it. 

WEEK 4: Settled Mind & Body-

This week we explore experience of using the body to settle the mind. Being grounded and comfortable in the moment... Feeling at home and steady in your body in an unsettling and perplexing world is one the great challenges of our time, and one of the most important skills to cultivate if we want to be a vital and flourishing human. Through practice and teachings you will learn simple grounding techniques (that literally take minutes to employ) to settle your mind and body so you can experience a new relationship with the now, and experience a dynamic clarity in your presence that arises through practice.

WEEK 5: Composure

Ever hear yourself say “I wish I had more patience?” Or “I’m not a patient person?” The only way to strengthen the muscle of patience is to exercise it. Embodying composure & non-reactivity stretches our comfort zone because situations that used to disturb will start to have less charge. With our steady control of the breath we gain composure of our mind and reactivity.  

6: Letting Be

Here we practice the art of detachment. Letting go does not necessarily mean disconnection. It means being more connected to the present moment than to our projected expectations or assumptions based on the past. When we are attached to the past or the future, we rob ourselves of the present moment (where all the magic resides). I’ll give your some solid teachings and tools to use to enhance your practice of the art of detachment.  


This is where you tap into deciding on your own, from your own experiences, what is true or not

As we sit with ourselves we quiet the noise and can more deeply connect with the truth of who we are. Our self-awareness builds and with that our emotional intelligence. We are more connected to the language and channels of truth running through our body. You know the truth not intellectually, but by how it feels! Your decisions will feel more clear, nourishing and internally guided through developing this quality.  

Week 8 :Self-Compassion

This will be one of the most life changing milestones where you learn to love yourself more deeply all of you as you are. Mindfulness meditation helps us learn to be kind to our mind. Through identifying negative self talk and self sabotaging behaviors and applying processes and tools to shift to more self respecting behavior the beautiful quality of compassion takes root in your heart. You then will have this gift to extend to others as well. You cannot extend compassion to others without first offering it up to yourself, and we will spend time in practice touching in with this quality.  

Why Mindfulness?

Establishing a mindfulness practice is like going to the gym and working out for 20 minutes a day (but a whole lot less DOING is involved) - what what we end up doing is activating parts of the brain that begin to work in tandem to help us regulate our emotions and respond to stress more effectively.

Mindfulness Brings Us Back Home to Ourselves

I've created this supportive container to guide you in creating new habits to anchor in a mindfulness practice, teachings that take your deeper into understanding yourself and what is actually happening in the process of meditation, along with support in emotional & energetic processing that may arise when you start a mindfulness practice.

Welcome to a path of empowerment and inner freedom!

End the war inside.

Meditation helps you get to know yourself. This is the opportunity to learn true self love and compassion and become friends with your mind and your heart.

Thoughts come & go, we learn to observe them like clouds.

Our mind is like the clear blue sky, the thoughts are like the clouds. They form, we observe them we can learn to relate to them in a new way, they go.

Just begin. When you see yourself more clearly you can handle whatever arises with more ease.

Meditation will instill in you the ability to stop reacting automatically to things in your life by giving conscious awareness of your thinking process so you can choose your response to situations as they arise.

Payment Options:

Total Value:$10,586!!!!

Beta Round Pricing:

$888- Pay in full


$469 - 2 Month Payment Plan

First 3 to book by 8/22 & pay in full receive $111 off.

***ONLY 10-12 Spots Available***

by application only.

Show the universe and yourself that you are ready to commit to yourself by filling out the application.

We'll hop on a quick call to discuss priorities, go over logistics and payment options.

You'll see the tentative schedule in the application.

Can't wait to connect with you!


Q:  How much time is required?

A: This is up to you.  If you commit to meeting on our live practices 3x week it will start at 5 minutes and work our way up to 20 minutes.  Coaching calls and Q&A will be one hour per week. 

The rest is self-guided.  The audio feed will be something you can listen to on the go and your video education will be short snippets that you can digest at your leisure.  Plan this time for development into your calendar and you will see positive shifts in all other areas of your life.  

Q: How fast can I expect to see results? 

A: Eight weeks is the standard recommendation for how long you should commit to meditation in order to see results. Many studies have found improvements in meditators after this length of time. However, you may find that you feel calm and centered even after a single meditation session.

 Q: What kind of support can I get if I get stuck?

A: The one hour coaching call each week is designed to support you in your process, so show up and take advantage of that time. It's invaluable. Text and DM support is available as a part of this program to, so I am here to field your questions and hold space for whatever arises for you in your process of learning and transformation.

Q: What time are the live practices & calls?

Coaching calls are one hour on Tentative for now: Tuesday 1pm EST

Live calls TBD depending on polling of the group.

Are your ready to deepen your connection with you?

Here’s the truth: 

The most important asset you have is your connection to your inner being and your deeper well of wisdom.

When you connect to your inner self, you:

  • Instill habits that boost emotional and mental well-being.

  • Learn to navigate process our emotions or feelings effectively.

  • With that you have more energy & make better decisions

  • Experience the power of deep connection to your natural state of calm & peace.

  • Become aware and open to change any counter-productive beliefs & behaviors that we may possess.

  • Open possibilities for ourselves to reach highest potential in our personal and professional lives.